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Types of DWI Cases

Nobody wants to be charged with a DWI. At Ramsay Law Firm, we believe that most DWI charges are a result of good people making one bad decision. We focus on DWI defense. We've dedicated our careers to helping good people get out of difficult situations. Every DWI case can be won; our job to figure out how. 

There are many different varieties of DWI-type offense, and we excel at defending each and every one of them. Click on the links below to get more information about the specific type of offense you are looking for. 

Types of DWI Tests

There are a variety of different types of tests and substances that will lead to a DWI charge. Each one presents different ways to mount a proper defense, and each one requires a unique approach. 

The links below divide up the various types of tests used to gather evidence in a DWI case.


General DWI Information

Here's a list of general information that covers most of the questions that arise when someone is charged with a DWI. Do note that the links below are not a substitute for legal advice -- if you want to truly understand the compexities of a DWI case, and end up with answers instead of just more questions, then the only solution is to give us a call and let us answer your questions.

But feel free to browse our website before you call. We've got decades of experience in defending DWIs, and are here to help you.


Here are a variety of resources we've made available to the defense community and to you.

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