When there is a hot news story regarding DWI and DWI-related issues, Ramsay Law Firm's reputation in the field means that if we're not driving the story itself, the media will certainly be reaching out to get our knowledgable and insightful feedback. From print media to live TV and everything in between, the attorneys of Ramsay Law Firm are recognized as the go-to source for DWI-related news. 

Below is a sampling of our more recent media appearances, broken down by topic and by source.

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DWI Breath Testing

  • Chuck Ramsay Discusses the Intoxilyzer 5000

  • Reliability of Breathalyzer Tests Questioned

  • Requirement of Ignition Interlock

  • New Data Master Breathalyzer Problems

  • Minnesota Allowed GPS Tracking of DUI

  • Ignition Interlock GPS

  • 2016 DWI Law Uncertainty in Minnesota

  • DWI Law Uncertainty in Minnesota

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DWI Blood and Urine Testing

  • Dakota County Attorney's and the Flawed St. Paul Crime Lab

  • Warrentless Urine Tests Unconstitutional

  • Warrant Need for DWI Test

  • Supreme Court Places Limits

  • Missouri v. McNeely - YouTube

  • Thousands Of DWI Cases Could Be Thrown Out After Ruling

  • Drivers Cannot Be Charged for Refusing a Blood or Urine test

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Printed Media Appearances

  • Ramsay Law Firm Sues Minnesota Department of Public Safety

    02/22/17 / Jay Kolls

    Privacy rights are always a hot topic in America, a country founded on the idea of freedom and individuality. KSTP Channel 5 interviewed us over our recent class-action lawsuit where we're seeking to prevent the Minnesota government from using the Ignition Interlock program as a cover for an unchecked and unconstitutional surveillance scheme.

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  • Dan Koewler Appears on KSTP-Eyewitness 5 to Discuss Ignition Interlock

    11/23/16 / Jay Kolls

    A civil lawsuit filed in Hennepin County claims the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) violated the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which is unlawful search and seizure, by allowing GPS tracking on ignition interlock systems used by convicted DUI offenders. Ramsay Law Firm's Dan Koewler discussed this development with KSTP's Jay Kolls.

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