When someone who is in trouble hires Ramsay Law Firm, we take them in as though they are family. Being arrested and charged with a DWI starts a complicated, stress-inducing, and is a life-altering process; something we understand very well. We're here to help; We chose to make a career out of defending those charged with DWI-related offenses. Here's what some of our clients have said after experiencing first-hand what it's like to be one of the thousands of clients that have been represented by Ramsay Law Firm. 

  • Going Above and Beyond

    05/01/19 / Renat Akhmetshin , Google Review

    Thank you Charles Ramsey! Great experience! Thank you for going on and beyond to resolve my case. Im very happy and satisfied with service and the results. Highly recommend!

  • If You Need An Attorney, This Is Your Guy

    03/06/19 / John Dennis , Google Review

    Chuck and his staff are A1!! I was involved in a major accident, and was looking at some serious time. I was being charged with my 2nd DWI and a Criminal Vehicular Operation to cause bodily harm charge. Once everything was over, Chuck helped me get the CVO charge dropped, and lower the DWI charge. Also, paid far less of a penalty than my 1st DWI. It truly blew my mind, and I couldn't be more happy.
    The staff was very prompt, kind and professional as well.
    If you need an attorney, this is your guy. Don't bother with anyone else, and don't dare trust a public defender to fight for you.

    Thanks again!

  • Trail Blazer

    04/11/17 / Chuck Halvorson, Attorney at Law

    I want to express my appreciation for your willingness to help me, and the help of your staff, namely Gina.  I and my staff greatly appreciate everything you have done.  I very much respect that due to the work you and your people have been doing and the fight you have been waging. You have earned that.  God knows that 100 other attorneys would have been willing to take what money my client had and pleaded him to a careless driving offense and left the IC alone.  So with your gracious help and the trail that you and your people have blazed, my client has his revocation rescinded, and removed from his driving record, and the DWI charge will be dismissed. Please count this as your victory as well, thank you!


    Chuck Halvorson

    Attorney at Law


  • Not Guilty Verdicts On All Counts

    04/05/17 / Kathleen Hoover , Facebook Review

    Hire the best! Chuck Ramsay and his entire team are the best. Chuck and Shelley were the most caring and concerned legal team. They always took the time to answer my questions, do the research. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work on my case.

  • Helping When It Matters Most

    12/05/16 / Dave Holt , Facebook Review

    Could not have asked for a more confident firm and also a better result.

  • Compassion and Care

    02/05/14 / Alex Plotts , Facebook

    Shows compassion and cares for the rights of their clients.



    Chuck is most professional with a personal touch. He understands what you’re going through and honestly cares. I remember telling him that “my life is in your hands” his reply was all I needed to hear. “Chuck has a great staff who care about you, keep you informed and are passionate to your needs. Chuck and his team are a must when you need the best.

    Chuck Ramsay worked hard for me from the beginning. Making sure my rights were protected. Through his hard work, my charge was reduced. My life is much better for having had the honor of having Chuck Ramsay in my life and working for me, on behalf of me. If you have legal issues, your next mistake will be to not give Chuck Ramsay the chance to work for you,



    Don’t drink and drive, but if you need a lawyer to prove our defective police systems operate regarding DUI hire Chuck Ramsey. 90% chance you will be found not guilty



    The title above does not make me look good. They thought I must be guilty? Things are not always what they seem to be on the surface. Who would believe me? I was looking for an attorney just like you are now. I had no idea who to call. Lucky for me, Mr. Ramsay took my case and methodically stepped me through the legal system. I quickly understood how important it is to have a good and knowledgeable attorney. Mr. Ramsay helped me navigate through the legal system and protected my legal rights along the way. Winning was everything to me, and Mr. Charles Ramsay believed in me and fought harder than I would have ever imagined. Mr. Ramsay had a complete understanding of this law and my rights.

    Mr. Ramsay displayed the utmost professional attitude at all times. Mr. Ramsay allowed me access to many experts around the country giving me advice and information I needed. He demonstrated to me that he truly wanted me to win the cases I brought to him. He was very available to answer questions I had and was very honest about everything. He never walked away from me and even after a conviction, came back to have it overturned on appeal that gave me a re-trial, and later was found not guilty on two charges. You have to have the heart to see these cases through, and Mr. Charles Ramsay has the biggest in the business. This was a long grueling time for me, my family and especially my wife. Mr. Ramsay continued to support all of us by lifting us up when we were down. There were many times when I had no control, and had to totally trust that Mr. Ramsay would do the right thing on my behalf. I am proud to say that I was never disappointed with any of his decisions.

    Mr. Charles Ramsay had a staff that always made me feel like family. They constantly corresponded with me when I had a question or need. They understood the importance to what I was asking or needed. They always corresponded with Mr. Ramsay on my behalf while he was in trial helping others. I could tell you a great story of the final days of the trial and the end of my 5 years of hell, but there is not enough space. What I can tell you is that I won my cases. If you want the best attorney…If you want someone that can deliver… If you are in trouble and need help, pick up the phone and call Charles Ramsay. I promise, you will not be disappointed.



    I was arrested in 2004 for Theft. I hired Mr. Ramsay and his firm to represent me for these charges, and they were nothing but wonderful and understanding people. He and his staff kept me informed and answered any questions that I had. I never once felt that I was pushed to the side or “just another client”. I always felt comfortable with the decisions that were made knowing that Mr. Ramsay would look out for me and my interests. Even when I was panicked because of what could happen, he always reassured me that everything would be ok and it was nice to know that he truly cared. In the end, I was very pleased with the outcome. From here on out, I would recommend Mr, Ramsay to anyone; family, friend, co-worker, or even a stranger.

  • Minnesota 2016 Attorneys of the Year

    Minnesota 2016 Attorneys of the Year

    In 2016, Minnesota Lawyer formally released their list of selections for Attorney of the Year. Both Chuck and Dan were jointly recognized as Attorneys of the Year for their efforts and successes in challenging Minnesota's DWI breath test program, and for their ability to use scientific principles to win cases for their clients.

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