We Didn't Become Lawyers To Just Plead You Guilty

Some people come to Ramsay Law Firm because they've never been charged with a DWI and are primarily looking for someone who will care as much about them as people as their DWI case. Others come to us because they want an attorney that can carefully explain the complexity of a DWI case and guide them through a confusing and uncertain court process.

But for many people, the reason they want Ramsay Law Firm to defend them is because they want results. Click here to see just some of the recent results we've obtained for our clients -- and keep in mind, this isn't a list of all of our victories.  

That's basically what we've put together here -- highlights of some (again, not all) of our success stories, testimonials from prior clients, and even words of praise from other defense attorneys that we've helped out along the way. 

This is also where we've decided to highlight something that few other DWI defense attorneys are capable of: a listing of what we've done, personally, to affect actual changes in the law. Getting statutes ruled unconstitutional, creating new defenses, and getting laws interpreted favorably for our clients. Those are some of our many trademarks, the reason why we have the reputation that we have as tireless DWI defenders in Minnesota. You can get a quick overview of some of reasons why we've dedicated our firm to defending DWIs by checking out our Approach & Philosophy page. 

DWI defense is what we do, and we do it because it's what we love. This page is designed to show you what it looks like when a DWI defense firm rolls up its sleeves, grits its teetch, and sets out to provide the best results possible for every client that gives us their trust. That's why we get results. 

To learn more, check out what some of our satisfied former clients have to say about their experience being represented by Ramsay Law Firm. Then check out what other legal professionals have to say about our work defending DWI cases. 

Or, because sometimes results just speak for themselves, take a look at some of the victories that we've earned for our clients.


Why do we win so many cases? How did we come up with the motto "Every DWI Case Is Winnable?"

- We limit our cases to DWI-related incidents, honing our skills on a particular type of case.

- We put all our effort into every client's case; if there is a defense to be raised, we'll raise it, and raise it better than anyone else.

- We see defenses most attorneys don't even consider; we've made it a habit of changing the law and winning defenses that most attorneys would ignore.

- We've dedicated our careers to learning everything we can about defending DWIs, from visiting the manufacturer for the instruments used by the State to attending seminars that are designed for prosecutors and law enforcement agents (not defense attorneys)

- We've built up our reputation with prosecutors and judges as hard-driving negotiators and hard-fighting litigators, but also as fair-minded and honest attorneys. When we talk big, we're not blowing smoke, we actually mean it. 

DWI defense that you can trust. Hundreds of satisfied clients chose Ramsay Law Firm since 1995 - contact us and find out why.