What We Do at Ramsay Law Firm PLLC

At Ramsay Law Firm, fighting DWI charges is what we do.

Whether your case happened in Hennepin County, somewhere else in the metro area, or all the way up in Warren, Minnesota, we've been there. We use our decades of experience in defending DWIs to bring an iron-clad defense to court for every single one of our clients . . . and have the track record of successes and awards to support our reputation as the DWI defense firm in Minnesota.

There's a lot involved in properly defending a DWI charge; avoiding jail (and sometimes just getting out of jail in the first place), minimizing or eliminating the loss of your driver's license, getting the state to return your vehicle . . . most DWI cases involve the state going after your freedom, your property, and your livelihood. That's why we chose to limit our practice to defending DWI cases: nothing makes us happier than helping good people who might have made an honest mistake get out of a tough situation.

And we didn't just build our reputation fighting district court DWI cases. The team at Ramsay Law Firm includes some of the best appellate attorneys in Minnesota, familiar with the unique procedures and techniques for taking a DWI case to the next level. Whether your DWI requires us to appeal the case, or get an old DWI expunged off of your record, or file a petition for post-conviction relief, we've not only done it before but we've succeeded. If it is somehow related to DWI defense, you can rest assured that Ramsay Law Firm excels at doing it.

Below, you'll see a list of links to the various ways that Ramsay Law Firm can help you with your DWI case. The rest of our website contains the answers to many frequently asked questions about DWI cases, provides a bit more information about our attorneys, and contains a lot of other information about our firm. We've also included a list of the many, many awards and recognitions our attorneys have received, and provided a sampling of the cases we've won. Everything here is designed to help you make the most important decision you have to make when faced with a DWI charge -- hiring the best attorney to make sure you're completely represented. 

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