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    We're Not Your Average Law Firm

    Over the last 20 years, Ramsay Law Firm has built a solid reputation for providing top-notch DWI defense for our clients. We're not like other criminal defense law firms -- we don't use DWI cases as a revenue generator, or as a way to just "keep our doors open" while we wait for more "interesting" cases. Many of those other firms have two goals when they get a call from someone arrested for DWI. They want to 1) charge as much as they can get away with, and 2) plead those clients guilty at the first opportunity.

    Ramsay Law Firm is different. Our motto is "Every DWI Case Is Winnable." Does it sound excessive, or too good to be true? We have the track record to support that philosophy. Now, that does not mean that we actually win every case, and we don't want to give you that impression; but, it does mean is that we see every DWI case as another opportunity to keep our client's record clean, to keep them out of jail, to let them go on living their lives.

    Our reputation is based on our well-recognized dedication to helping people with their DWI charge. We've defended DWI cases in front of the United States Supreme Court, the Minnesota Supreme Court, and every courthouse in Minnesota. Our caseload is almost exclusively DWI defense, and it's rare that we'll ever accept a non-DWI case. All of our education, dedication, and energy is directed towards providing the best possible representation for people who are charged with DWI offenses. 

    If you are charged with a DWI, you can't do any better than us. Time and time again, our clients tell us how thankful they were that they picked up the phone and called us after they were arrested for DWI. No DWI case is "routine" for us; just like everyone who calls us is a unique individual, each DWI case has unique facts and circumstances, which provide us with the opportunities we need to get a good result. 

    When you call Ramsay Law Firm, you're not a "customer," you're our client. And to us, that makes you the most important person in the world. Feel free to check out our website. It will likely answer some of the questions you have (that's why we built it in the first place). When you're ready to talk, please give us a call, or use one of the contact forms on the website. We're looking forward to helping you.

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  • Expect the Best From Ramsay Law Firm

    Chuck Ramsay of Ramsay Law Firm discusses the type of service our clients have come to expect: 24/7 staffing, our own office (more rare than you think) and probably the best support staff in the world.

  • Minnesota 2016 Attorneys of the Year

    Minnesota 2016 Attorneys of the Year

    In 2016, Minnesota Lawyer formally released their list of selections for Attorney of the Year. Both Chuck and Dan were jointly recognized as Attorneys of the Year for their efforts and successes in challenging Minnesota's DWI breath test program, and for their ability to use scientific principles to win cases for their clients.