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Some people are "visual learners" and/or would just rather not read a whole lot of text . . . especially when a video is available. Other times, video captures something that just isn't possible through the written word. Here is where we've collected a series of videos; some describe the DWI process, others provide additional information and answer frequently asked questions, and some are just publically-available records of our attorneys in action.

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  • What Piece of Advice Do You Repeatedly Give Clients?

    Daniel Koewler explains the advice that is most often relayed to clients

  • How is Ramsay Law Firm Different?

    Daniel Koewler explains how Ramsay Law Firm differs from other criminal defense law firms

  • Services Offered by Ramsay Law Firm

    Daniel Kowler talks about Ramsay Law Firm's services

  • Best Advice for Our Clients

    Charles Ramsay gives advice for our clients

  • Awards, Honors, and Recognition

    Charles Ramsay explains his achievements 

  • Rewarding Cases (Why We Chose to Be Lawyers)

    Charles Ramsay explains rewarding cases and why he does, what he does. 

  • Providing Unrivaled Service

    Charles Ramsay explains our service that goes above and beyond

  • What Type of Scientific Defenses Has the Firm Used in DWI Cases

    Daniel Koewler explains the scientific defenses in fighting a DWI case

  • On What Grounds Have You Challenged the Validity of Breath Tests

    Daniel Koewler explains challenging the validity of breath test

  • Do I Have to Submit to a Blood or Urine Test?

    Daniel Koewler explains what could happen if you refuse to take a blood or urine test

  • What if I Refuse To Take a Blood or Breath Test

    Daniel Koewler explains what happens when a person refuses a blood or breath test

  • What Happens If I'm Arrested for Another Crime While on Probation?

    Daniel Koewler explains the aftermath of being arrested while on probation

  • What Are Typical Terms of Probation in a DWI Case

    Daniel Koewler explains typical terms of probation regarding a DWI case

  • What is Expungement and Can I Get My DWI Expunged From My Record

    Daniel Koewler explains expungement and DWI records

  • Under What Circumstances Can I Appeal a Conviction for DWI

    Daniel Koewler explains the circumstances being appeal a DWI conviction

  • How Can You Help Me Get Out of Jail After a DWI Arrest?

    Daniel Koewler explains behind the scenes help in being released from jail

  • How Can I Get My Vehicle Back After a Forfeiture?

    Daniel Koewler explains the process in vehicle retrival after a forfeiture

  • When Can the State Take My Vehicle

    Daniel Koewler explains the details behind the state's position is taking a vehicle

  • How Do You Help Clients Get Their License Back?

    Daniel Koewler explains the process for the return of a license

  • What's an "Implied Consent" hearing?

    Daniel Koewler explains the civil process behing an Implied Consent hearing

Showing Results 1 - 20 of 32