• Costs Of A DWI



    A DWI charge, especially a first offense, may not seem that serious, but the cost can be rather significant.

    Everyone is aware that consuming alcohol can impair a person’s ability to operate their motor vehicle safely. When charged with a DWI, there are potential criminal penalties in addition to the costs.

    In order to avoid as many of the penalties as possible, including costs, securing the services of an experienced St. Paul DWI lawyer can make a difference in your case. It can be the difference between paying less or paying more or spending more time or less time in jail.


    There are many types of penalties that are paid in DWI cases. There are the criminal penalties and there are those involving having a criminal record that can follow you around for the rest of your life.

    Here are some of the monetary costs related to DWI charges and convictions:

    At least a $1000 fine (first time offender)

    License reinstatement fee of $250

    License reinstatement surcharge of $430

    Driver License application fee of $24

    The fine is going to vary based on the exact charge. A first time offender is charged with a misdemeanor, but a multiple DWI offender is going to pay higher fines and also have to serve more jail time. A first time offender can potentially serve a 90 day jail sentence.


    Your Minneapolis DWI lawyer can put into motion the possibility for you to plead to a lesser offense than DWI, depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. It is possible to receive a “wet reckless” conviction, which is reckless driving involving alcohol. If you would plea bargain when the charge is “wet reckless,” you could have your charge reduced to reckless driving. There is no statutory provision on the acceptance of a wet reckless plea bargain, but it is possible for it to happen. This could preserve driving privileges, thus reduce the costs that come with a DWI. It can also reduce any fines and preserve your criminal record to an extent. If your job or any potential jobs require a clean driving record, the reckless driving conviction could be a hindrance, but should not interfere with most other professions. Your attorney will advise you on the best course of action in order to secure the best possible future for you.


    There are many hidden costs to DWI, which is one of the reasons why the penalties can extend far beyond the legal ones. In addition to a DWI conviction following you on your criminal record, the costs can also have a lasting impact. There are the fines, license reinstatement fee, and any other applicable costs that can be rather high. To find out more about how the Ramsay Law Firm, PLLC can help you in your DWI case so you can pay as few penalties as possible, call the office at 651-604-0000 for a free consultation.