Supreme Court Grants Amicus Status in DWI Forfeiture Case

Posted On February 12, 2012 by Daniel Koewler

Last week Ramsay Law Firm, on behalf of both the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice, asked the Minnesota Supreme Court for permission to file an amicus curiae brief in an upcoming case that will interpret a troubling aspect of Minnesota's DWI vehicle forfeiture statute.

The motions were granted. Soon, in our role as amicus curiae, we'll be submitting our legal brief, explaining in detail exactly why our Supreme Court needs to interpret our DWI vehicle forfeiture statute in a way that protects, rather than undermines, the private property rights of everyone driving on Minnesota's roadways.

UPDATE (April 3, 2012): DWI Automobile Forfeiture Case Set for Oral Argument.