Ramsay Law Firm Formally Announces Dan Koewler As Partner

Posted On October 29, 2018 Charles Ramsay

This is old news to our clients but new news to the public: Dan Koewler, who has been with Ramsay Law Firm since 2008, is now publicly a partner with Ramsay Law Firm! He has been integral to our growth and our successes since he first started out as an attorney, and we're proud to have him as a partner.

Why did we wait so long to make this announcement? Nothing sneaky -- we've just been very busy, and it just slipped our minds! And speaking of busy, some of you may have noticed the recent lack of blog posts on our website. We apologize; know that we're aiming to close that gap in the immediate future, and get back to sharing our successes, our discoveries, and our tactics, as we move into the 2018 holiday season. 

Please join us all in congratulating Dan!


Daniel Koewler